Vol. 22, No. 4, July/August 2013


Sea Vegetables for Food and Medicine.
Ryan Drum, Ph.D., provides background and research evidence about sea vegetable (seaweed) harvesting as well as the abundant essential nutrients, including minerals found in sea vegetables.

Is it Really Coconut Water?
Bruce Fife, N.D., explains that the phrase “coconut water” can be applied to drinks that are produced in many different ways, including with added sugar, but that there are only a few pure coconut water products.

Fruits and Vegetables as Home Remedies.
Cherie Calbom celebrates the nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables, noting specific combinations that can help alleviate arthritis and asthma as well as balance cholesterol and boost the adrenal glands.

Stress Immunization with Brain Power.
Frank Sommers, M.D., states that thinking takes place via the neocortex of the brain, but focusing upon the sensory feelings is crucial to tapping in to peace and happiness each day. Being in the present with feelings helps stop recurring negative thinking and fosters positive outlook.

The Benefits of Nut Milk.
Gerri Howe, a chef and food enthusiast, offers nutrient profiles, suggestions for delicious meal accompaniments, and scrumptious recipes for nut milk made from almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts.

Coherence, Silence, and Vision.
Shannon McRae, Ph.D., summarizes recent research showing that cycles of the earth and sun affect our bodies via their bio field; she cites client cases about the healing of vision difficulties with energy medicine, and describes the beneficial field effects from the practice of stress-reduction through personal coherence.

It’s Never too Late (or Too Soon) to Live Your Dream.
George and Sedena Cappannelli offer practices to help resurrect unfulfilled dreams one has had for one’s life, which, even if they are dreams last noticed in childhood, are still there in the form of longing and in the small voice within one’s mind.

Healing From the Heart.
Bradley Nelson, D.C., asserts that unresolved emotions create adverse walls around our hearts, and, in his experience, these old memories can easily be released with a simple code involving forgiveness.

Seed and Nut Proteins
A Look at Books
Life-altering Posture Changes
Tea and Other Secrets of the Shared Meal, by Ellen Kanner

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