Vol. 23, No. 3, May/June 2014


Sleep, Cancer & Protecting Your Health.
Christine Horner, M.D., provides evidence that when and how you sleep has a profound effect on your health, related to darkness, the pineal gland, and the hormone melatonin.

Eating Alkaline Foods to Maximize Your Health.
Chris Meletis, N.D., writes that consuming too many acid forming foods lead to adverse effects, including the spread of cancer, and that eating alkaline forming foods results in improved health.

Nutrients for Balancing Hormones and Reversing Estrogen Dominance.
Lorna Vanderhaeghe, M.S., notes that environmental estrogens, which mimic our bodies’ natural estrogen, can cause estrogen dominance resulting in conditions such as PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian and breast cysts, hormonal acne, and severe menopausal symptoms.

Foods That Heal.
Heather Tick, M.D., points out that diet is more powerful in preventing disease than either drugs or medical care, and that inflammation that leads to illness can be reversed with foods that heal.

Helping the Body Detoxify.
Linda Isaacs, M.D., provides evidence that liver and gallbladder flushes as well as coffee enemas are medically safe and have been shown to help the body rid itself of environmental toxins.

How a Medical Geographer Discovered Cures for Diseases.
Melisa Lafleur tells the story of Harold Foster, Ph.D., a professor of geology and geography, who discovered clues about cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer’s disease by studying regions and their soils.

Being Happy About a Smile: Exploring Benefits of Adult Braces.
Marvin Lagstein, D.D.S., offers several reasons why adults may want to consider dental braces and outlines the options available.

Why Vent When You Can Forgive.
Shannon McRae, Ph.D., writes, “Forgiveness is simpler than most realize, yet profound in its health-giving or restorative effects. How then is forgiveness accomplished?” This article answers that question.

Stress & Approval
Lavender for Elderly
Nutrition Labels
Cancer, Sugar & Radical Remission
Soy, Thyroid, & Estrogen
Eating Habits Contagious?

Lifestyle Affects Genetics • Tylenol and Asthma in Children • A Good Night’s Sleep • Curcumin & Cardiovascular Health • Medicinal Uses of Vinegar • Standing Up to Estrogen Dominance • Bladderwrack & Thyroid Function • Real Salts for Minerals • Prevent Gallbladder Difficulties • Selenium and Cancer • Food Safety • Better Behavior Linked to Food • Empowered Patients • Toxins & the Brain • Fructose vs. Glucose Calories • Letter to the Editor

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