Vol. 24, No. 3, May/June 2015


Researchers Find Dietary Cholesterol Not a Danger.
Bruce Fife, N.D., writes about the reversal of the top U.S. nutrition advisory panel’s position on cholesterol. This new Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee finding, he notes, is long overdue, and is based on solid research showing that dietary factors such as butter, eggs, and meat do not increase risk of cardiovascular disease.

Vaccine Alternatives.
Homeopath Cilla Whatcott, H.D., R.Hom., offers a viable option for those looking for nontoxic alternatives to vaccines—homeoprophylaxis, or homeopathic inoculation to stimulate the immune response.

Overcoming Adrenaline Dominance: A Healthy Approach to Getting Well
Michael E. Platt, M.D., warns that the underlying cause of many illnesses could very well be excess adrenaline in the body. He suggests that many conditions can be eliminated without the use of toxic medications and offers nutritional and bio-identical hormonal solutions to help stop the cycle of adrenaline dominance.

Gum Disease and the Sun
Alvin Danenberg, D.D.S., points out that our skin plays a role in making vitamin D3 for the body in response to UBV, but that most people in the northern hemisphere do not get enough sun exposure. The risk of periodontal disease decreases, he explains, when there is adequate vitamin D3 intake.

Think Forward to Thrive: Mary’s Story
Jennice Vilhauer, Ph.D., tells Mary’s story to illustrate how our thinking processes can make us unhappy, and how choosing to think forward can help us create a more positive future.

The Power of Intuition, Detoxification, Energy Medicine, and Forgiveness
Shannon McRae, Ph.D., in two cases stories, demonstrates how the use of intuition in the practice of counseling can help discover disease conditions and guide others to effective healing. Each case involves the use of energy medicine and complementary nutritional support, and one highlights the power of self-forgiveness and self-love in reversing a severe illness.

Do Vaccines Actually Prevent Disease
Can the Vaccinated Spread Viruses?
Sugar or Salt as a Cause of High Blood Pressure?
Precautions for a Family Member with Dementia
Letters of Encouragement
The Little Things
A Look at Books
Put Your Whole Self In
A Case of Afterlife

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