Vol. 24, No. 5, September/October 2015



For Optimal Health, Savor Life.
Michael Finkelstein, MD, asks his patients how it would feel or what they would do with their lives if they lived in complete well-being. He notes that our health can hinge greatly on emotional factors.

Is Stress a Choice?
Bea Rhodes points out that sometimes we have only to think about something stressful to experience stress in our bodies. How we choose to interpret what we think about or observe is completely in our own power.

What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?
Harold Foster, PhD, warns that aluminum-containing foods, water, and body care products, along with environmental factors that make aluminum more soluble, are causing the widespread incidence of Alzheimer’s disease today. Foster advocates the avoidance of aluminum and the use of certain minerals in our food and water supplies.

Healing Breast Cancer.
Julia Chiappetta, after a cancer diagnosis, changed her diet, managed her stresses, and rejected synthetic hormones, parabens, lead, sulfates, and more that could have caused the cancer, and is healthier than ever.

Nutrient-Dense Foods, Brushing, and Flossing.
Alvin Danenberg, DDS, describes a study where those eating nutrient-dense foods but refraining from brushing and flossing had better dental health than a control group eating a high refined-carbohydrate diet who did brush and floss.

Energy Medicine for a “Silent” Urinary Tract Infection.
Shannon McRae, PhD, describes her recent challenge with a urinary tract infection as a warning that this condition can go unrecognized and undiagnosed, leading to serious problems.

No One Dies Alone.
Lani Leary, PhD, has twenty-five years of experience working with dying patients; she advocates love and support for others in the dying process, reminding us that we all go through this process on our own terms, in our own way.

Avoiding Nightshade Foods Can Heal Arthritis
Recipe: Cauliflower with Garlic, Nori & Sesame Seeds
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
What is Oil Pulling?
Alzheimer’s as an Opportunity to Be Cared For

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