Vol.26, No. 3, May/June 2017



Nutrition for Cardiovascular Health
Jonny Bowden, PhD, in this interview with WBJ, discusses the latest research in nutrition and heart health, including evidence that traditional cultural eating preferences involving whole foods support overall physical health.

Six Building Blocks for a Better Brain
Catherine Shanahan, MD, writes about the ill effects of refined, bleached, and deodorized vegetable oils, which include most oils on the market or in processed foods today, and suggests nutritional foods that are supportive of brain health.

Putting Patients First: Functional Medicine
Ronald Grisanti, DC, writes that people need to be seen as individuals with unique needs; he likens the physical body to an iceberg—most of its function is below the surface of awareness. When illness arises, something below the surface is out of balance. The functional medicine physician looks for the underlying causes of disease in order to help a patient heal.

Lifestyle Medicine and the Drug-Free Solution to Depression
Kelly Brogan, MD, specializes in root-cause-resolution medicine and lifestyle changes rather than long-term drug treatment. She writes that optimal mental health is not possible through medication; instead a person’s health can be under their control through the adoption of simple habits that send a signal of safety to the body.

To Please or Not to Please?
Christine Hassler, author of Expectation Hangover, writes that many think people pleasing is unselfish, but it’s oftentimes really a way to withhold expressing who we really are or what we truly think.

Curcumin: Is It Effective?
Ajay Goel, PhD, challenges the findings of a recent study about curcumin and cites abundant evidence that use of the full- spectrum natural curcumin from turmeric reduces inflammation and can reverse illnesses.

The Cowan Heart Diet
Thomas Cowan, MD, has been working with patients and studying cardiovascular disease for decades, and he writes that the most important underlying issue with regard to heart health is the reduction of inflammation with right nutrition.

The Importance of the Gut and Intuitive Insight
Shannon McRae, PhD, presents evidence that intuition is a natural part of being human.

What’s Your Story?
HeatherAsh Amara asserts that we are natural storytellers and that it’s important to be aware of how we use our words.

High Cholesterol Intake and Eggs
A Miraculous Smile
Bone-Building, Calcium-Rich Vinegar
Tart Cherry as a Medicinal Food
Ten Things Older People Want You to Know
Urban Farming in the US

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