Vol. 24, No. 1, January/February 2015 (PDF)


Physician Heals from MS with Diet and Supplements.
In this essay/review, we feature the story of Terry Wahls, M.D., who was challenged by multiple sclerosis but reversed the disease without medications by following a simple nutritional and lifestyle protocol.

Digestive Intelligence: Microflora, Gut Health, and Your Second Brain.
Irina Matveikova, M.D., describes the gut-brain neuronal connections and the remarkable benefits of maintaining an optimally functioning gut with right nutrition and the restoration of microflora with probiotics and prebiotics.

Digestive Health and Histamine Intolerance.
Amy Myers, M.D., points out that histamines, neurotransmitters that are part of the body’s digestive and natural defense systems, can increase to levels that cause digestive discomfort and other symptoms; she provides a list of foods that are high in histamines as well as those that are low and thus safe to consume.

Healing Digestive Illness: How Intuition, Energy Medicine, and Nutrition Can Help Heal.
Shannon McRae, Ph.D., describes three cases in which her background in psychology and nutrition, along with the use of intuition and energy medicine, helped her clients heal from digestive illnesses.

How I Changed My Life with Nutrition.
Alvin Danenberg, D.D.S., tells his own story of suffering from a stroke, receiving medical care, and then turning to a nutrient-dense diet, which allowed him to stop taking medications and regain his health.

The Powerful Health Benefits of Garlic.
Medical researcher Kris Gunnars offers an extensive discussion of the health benefits of garlic, from improving cardiovascular heath and athletic performance to detoxifying heavy metals and increasing bone health.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall: Prepare for the Weather.
Heather Tick, M.D., presents tips for balancing your temperature no matter what the weather is doing; for example, in winter or air-conditioned spaces, it’s important to be aware that too much cold causes blood vessels to constrict.

Intestinal Health, Drugs, Magnesium & Probiotics
Histamine Intolerance
Allergies and Histamine Intolerance
Heal Your Gut, Heal Yourself
Great Green Smoothie
A Look at Books
Staying Cool Under Pressure

Pharmaceuticals: Harms & Interests • Strength Training for Healthy Aging • Finding Locally Sourced Foods • Roundup Ready? • Calcium/Sodium Deficiency • MMR Vaccine Questioned • Crop Contaminated by GMOs • “Beware Bandits” Wristbands • Antihistamine Herbs • Gallbladder Congestion • Emotions & Heart Health • Sitting Impairs Blood Flow

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