About Us

A Message From the Founder

I’ve long had a desire to learn and pass along information about the well-being factor in all our lives. At one point, I desired a career change, and remembered one of the areas I most loved to create within was literature. My background as a psychotherapist and in law studies also gave me skills useful in the business world. While lying in bed early one morning in 1990, I visualized the Well Being Journal. I got up, started my Macintosh Plus computer, inserted a floppy disk, and created the layout for the first issue.

I had learned a little about nutritional and herbal supplements as well as mental health through the years. The Pacific Northwest, and Seattle in particular in 1990, was an area where more leading healthcare professionals were using nutrition and complementary medicine instead of drugs to help people prevent disease and heal from both minor and major illnesses, including cancer. Those committed to living healthy lives in that area embraced the Well Being Journal from the first issue, and it became economically viable to continue.

We dedicated the Journal to being a vehicle for spreading information that would be helpful in healing as well as preventing illnesses naturally. Readers have asked us over the years whether any commercial interests influence our decisions with regard to what we decide to publish. Our decisions have always been as they now are based solely on the merit of each article we consider and the research behind it. Indeed, we minimize advertising, and no advertiser has a voice in the articles we choose to publish.

After distributing the Journal regionally for a year, we noticed that people from many parts of the country were subscribing. Today, the Journal is distributed nationwide and in several countries, not only by subscription but also through chain and independent book and health stores, including but not limited to Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and many regional chains and co-ops.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the articles and video content that you may view freely here on our website. Additionally, you will notice subscription options, as well as many years’ worth of back issues of the Journal that are available for purchase in either print or PDF format. A search word or two most likely will bring you to information that may be helpful for you or your friends and loved ones.