Advertising Specifications and Rates

We appreciate your interest in advertising in the Well Being Journal.

We have a circulation of over 70,000 readers in the U.S., a figure based on 2.5 readers per issue of the Journal sold over-the-counter or via subscriptions. Many of our readers are health professionals, perhaps 15%; the rest are well-educated and serious-about-their-health individuals.

Some of our advertisers have been placing ads in the Journal for ten years or more. Our readers enjoy seeing beautiful ads that help them find quality products. Our editorial features focus upon natural ways to heal or prevent illness, and our readers therefore look for products that can help them do so.

Our readers appreciate the quality and integrity of our advertisers, and the fact that the number of our marketing pages is minimal helps the visibility of our advertisers.

—Scott Miners, founder, executive editor

Advertising Rates (includes both print and digital edition)

DISPLAY ADS Width Height Rates
Full Page 7″ 9.4″ $1925
Inside Front 7″ 9.4″ $2065
Inside Back 7″ 9.4″ $2065
Back Cover 7″ 9.4″ $2165
1/2 page horizontal 7″ 4.7″   $995
1/2 page vertical 3.5″ 9.4″   $995
1/3 page vertical 2.25″ 9.4″   $680
1/8 page 2.25″ 3.375″   $265
1/12 page 2.25″ 2.375″   $160


For a media kit in PDF format email request to: advertisingatwellbeingjournaldotcom. (Please use the @ symbol for “at” and the . for “dot.”)

We prefer press quality PDF files, however, EPS or TIFF files can be accepted. Photos need to be at least 300 dpi for best quality. Scan line art as BITMAP at 1200 dpi. No LZW or JPEG compression. Full color images should be CMYK, not RGB.

Discounts for Multiple Insertions:
2-3 consecutive issues: 25 percent discount.
4-5 consecutive issues: 35 percent discount.
6 consecutive issues: 40 percent discount.

Advertiser Liability
Advertiser and agents assume liability for all content, including text, representations, and illustrations. Well Being Journal, Inc., publisher of Well Being Journal, reserves the right to accept all or reject any advertising. Advertisers are responsible for any liability or claims arising from their ads.

2015 Production Schedule

ISSUES Ad Close Ad Art Due On Sale
Mar/Apr Dec 10 Dec 17 Feb 1
May/June Feb 11 Feb 18 Apr 1
Jul/Aug Apr 8 Apr 15 June 1
Sept/Oct June 10 June 17 Aug 1
Nov/Dec Aug 7 Aug 14 Oct 1
Jan/Feb Oct 9 Oct 15 Dec 1


Contact Us if  you would like a PDF media kit with ad agreement form sent to your email address.